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Dec 2014      
Nov 2014 TBA   Dave English
Oct 2014 God moving into the neighborhood   Steinar Opheim
Sep 2014 What Can Tentmakers Learn from a Shoe Salesman?   Phill Sandahl
Aug 2014 Forced Exit - Christian expats leave again   Ari Rocklin
Jun 2014 June/July Double issue - Has God stopped moving?   Steinar Opheim
May 2014 Amazing strategic grace - Tentmaker Challenges II   Phill Sandahl
Apr 2014 The Challenges of today's tentmakers   Ari Rocklin
Mar 2014 Is Donor Support Good or Bad for BAM Companies?   Phill Sandahl
Feb 2014 New dawn for medical professionals   Steinar Opheim
Jan 2013 Underground to above ground church!   Ari Rocklin
Dec 2013 No Closed Countries   Dave English
Nov 2013 Bam in a Box   Phill Sandahl
Oct 2013 30 people signed their own death certificate   Steinar Opheim
Sep 2013 Does the self supported tentmaking model work in Africa?   Ari Rocklin
Aug 2013 Six Principles for Sharing Your Faith in the Workplace...   Phill Sandahl
Jul 2013 Business as Mission or Mission as Business?   Dave English
Jun 2013 Global Network Puts Tentmaking High on its Agenda   Steinar Opheim
May 2013 The Intentional Traveler - Guest editor   Larry McCrary
Apr 2013 God Wired You for the Way He Wants to Use You   Phill Sandahl
Mar 2013 10 More Years as the World's Greatest Oppressor?   Steinar Opheim
Feb 2013 Embedding Kingdom Values in Your Company Culture   Phill Sandahl
Jan 2013 Tentmaking Down Under - focus on Australia   Ari Rocklin


Dec 2012

Christmas Learning Points from Central Asia

  Steinar Opheim
Nov 2012

A Preacher Goes to the Unreached

  Ari Rocklin
Oct 2012

5 Facts God Wants All Marketplace Workers to Know

  Phill Sandahl
Sep 2012

Christians are Terrorist Targets Across Africa

  Steinar Opheim
Aug 2012

The Arab Spring & the Power of the Gospel

  Ari Rocklin
June-July How to Share Your Faith Naturally   Phill Sandahl
May 2012 Foreign Workers Bring Blessings to Israel   Steinar Opheim
Apr 2012 Going Global - Opportunities   Ari Rocklin
Mar 2012 Four Characteristics of High Performing Kingdom Companies   Phill Sandahl
Feb 2012 Berit Kloster - The lady who gave her life to tentmaking   Steinar Opheim
Jan 2012 After the Evacuations - The return!   Ari Rocklin


Dec 2011

TOP Ways to Share Your Faith in the Workplace

  Phill Sandahl
Nov 2011 The Paradise That is Closed to Jesus   Steinar Opheim
Oct 2011 Lessons Learned From the Evacuations   Ari Rocklin
Sep 2011 Preparation for Today's Mission Challenges    Phill Sandahl
Aug 2011 The World's Mission Leaders Want Focus on Tentmaking   Steinar Opheim
Jul 2011 The 4 questions Tentmakers are Asked   Ari Rocklin
Jun 2011 Just a Glass of Water   Phill Sandahl
May 2011 181 House Churches Started by Tentmakers   Steinar Opheim
Apr 2011 First Ever Mass Evacuation of Tentmakers!   Ari Rocklin
Mar 2011 TM Briefs Celebrates Two Years!   Phill Sandahl
Feb 2011 Serve God by Doing What You Like   Steinar Opheim
Jan 2011 Getting Your Life in Order   Phill Sandahl


Dec 2010 The Joys and Challenges of Tentmakers in 2010   Ari Rocklin
Nov 2010 Focusing Our Mission - Go, make disciples!   Dave English
Oct 2010 Top Ten Tentmaking Benefits   Steinar Opheim
Sep 2010 My sacred space is a cafe   Phill Sandahl
Aug 2010 $20 That Changed a Life in India   Ari Rocklin
Jul 2010 FIFA World Cup and the global job market   Steinar Opheim
Jun 2010 The Road to God - Decision making in the marketplace   Phill Sandahl
May 2010 Do Tentmakers Really Start Churches?   Ari Rocklin
Apr 2010 Focus on Tentmaker Training in Europe   Ari Rocklin
Mar 2010 Business as Mission - Guest Editor   Mats Tunehag
Feb 2010 Filling the Hole in Holistic Missions   Dave English
Jan 2010 Why Believe in Business as Mission   Steinar Opheim


Dec 2009 Tentmaker Development Workers Dilemma   Phill Sandahl
Nov 2009 Christians Are Better Than Other People?   Steinar Opheim
Oct 2009 Why Training for Ministry Skills Are So Important   Ari Rocklin
Sep 2009 Do You Need a Special Call?   Dave English
Jul  2009 Let God Use Your Profession   Dave English
Apr 2009 Light in the Darkness   Dave English
Mar 2009 The Ultimate Goal of Tentmaking   Dave English


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