Below are just some of the comments from students who have attended our tentmaking courses since 1998.

GOE has the most practical model and can be implemented right away. Those interested in missions should check it out. It is worth it.

GO Equipped Alumni

If I could roll back the last six years of education GO Equipped is the one course I would HAVE to take. It is the most concise and practical.

GO Equipped Alumni

For 2 days, God was pouring out experiences, examples, strategies and opportunities to merge my talents and career with my ministry.

Mexico 2015

The snow and cold did not dampen our time together at this wonderful missions school. I was amazed to find participants from Moldova, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Norway and Canada!

Go Equipped Alumni | Norway

I told my former “boss” that this course was one of the best programs for training missionaries I have participated in. Please pass my gratitude to all the teachers.

Mission Leader | USA

I sat in class living one “wow” moment to another. Just when I thought it could not get any better, you upped the ante. I will be digesting what I heard for years to come.

Go Equipped Alumni | Norway

We wish more people would know about the valuable service to His kingdom being built in the tough places through the ministry of Global Opportunities. We want to help spread the word.

GO Equipped Alumni-USA

In spite of missed ferry& lost hotel reservations God gave us free housing right beside the venue. The enemy tried his hardest to discourage us and make us leave, but God had so much for us at this course.

Go Equipped Alumni-Canada

Not only did this course help me plan for going as a tentmaker, it also gave me practical advice on how to start being active with sharing my faith here at home while I finish my studies.

Go Equipped Alumni-Norway

Our experience at the GO Equipped course was powerful in helping us understand God’s direction for us. We are working our way through the course CD.

Mr & Mrs H | Alabama, USA

The local church I Pastor in Pretoria is no longer the same after my training in Florida early this year. Everyone knows it is their responsibility to go into their work places and neighbourhood to win souls to the Lord.

Sammy M, South Africa

I am making a commitment to start living differently here at home by making my faith an integral part of my everyday life.

Go Equipped Alumni

I was impressed by the teachers & their creative teaching-not “death by power point”. I absorbed much more due to the effectiveness of the presentation and handouts.

Go Equipped Alumni – USA

Coming to a GE course will re-energize your faith walk and give you ideas you can put into effect now, and guide you in what to consider for the future.


This approach to missions needs to be promoted broadly and influence a younger generation to prayerfully consider serving God in this way.

GO Equipped Alumni

Can’t thank you enough for the blessed time we spend together as a group of friends and believers. We have never felt so blessed taking a course.

J & H

I can do this at home and abroad. Looking forward to doing this in our home city, trusting the Lord will continue to work with us.

GO Equipped Alumni

Expected practical advice for missions. It was much more than that. Lots of new ideas that I can apply for everyday life and pass on to others.

GO Equipped Alumni

Our Experience at the GO Equipped course was so powerful and helped us understand God’s direction.

John & Nancy J

The Go courses really help you understand God and his desires for his children.

M. J.

I have learned ministry skills–I am so happy. I loved the teaching on fishing evangelism—very freeing and guilt-free.

Holly M

The Tentmaking course in Bergen this May probably is the best course I have participated in, ever.

Oddvar A. – Norway

Invaluable!! I’m so excited and motivated!

Mary H

We need this teaching in Uganda. Thank you for helping me bring it there