Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Tentmaking. Click on the (+/-) sign to open and close a FAQ topic.
What are tentmakers?
Why is self-support called tentmaking?
Doesn’t a job leave too little time and energy for spiritual ministry?
Is workplace evangelism fair to the employer?
Is workplace evangelism ever risky?
Is on-the-job evangelism mandatory?
What makes fishing evangelism effective?
Can tentmakers plant churches?
What additional ministries can tentmakers do?
Why work instead of receiving donor support?
But first, did Paul really work that much?
Why did Paul spend hours working with a world to win?
Why was Paul’s model abandoned?
Where are these job opportunities?
What skills and qualifications are required?
Must I learn a foreign language?
What about remuneration and benefits?
Aren’t contracts too short for ministry?
What about running a business?
What preparation do tentmakers need?
What about tentmaker accountability?
Which is better: tentmaking or donor support?
Where can you get help?
We mobilize and equip cross-cultural lay witnesses - tentmakers.

Global Opportunities offers tentmaker training materials, training events, seminars and workshops, speakers for missions events, mentoring, job search assistance for course alumni, and connections with coworkers abroad.