Ari-Florida-2011-at-Mic-croppedAs the interim director of the soon to be renamed Global Opportunities I welcome you to download the job description for the executive directors position!
The staff, board members and our international prayer team are praying that God would speak to His chosen person to come and lead us into the new era of tentmaker mobilization and equipping from the US. Deadline for applications is June 30, 2017.

Ari J. Rocklin

Executive Director Job Description Download

Global Opportunities was founded in 1984 by tentmaker pioneer Ruth Siemens. Since then we have mobilized and equipped hundreds of tentmakers from 58 countries who have gone to 91 countries. Some 95% of them have gone to unreached areas.

GO is not a sending agency, as tentmakers are fully supported by their jobs or businesses. We work together with mission agencies and sending churches in equipping tentmakers.

Statistically, some 95% of tentmakers we’ve either trained or are mentoring, have gone direct sent by their churches and are not affiliated with any mission agency.

Our model is to integrate work and witness, not using your work (visa) as an entry into closed countries then doing ministry outside your natural connections made through work and life in your circles.

The board initiated the re-branding, restructuring and relaunching of GO in 2016, and this official launch will take place on June 1, 2017. The new director will be starting their term at a watershed moment in the history of this organization.