Tentmakers are committed everyday, workplace Christians who make disciples in other cultures. They add irreplaceable benefits to full-time missionary work by:

  • Authenticating the gospel as unpaid witnesses
  • Demonstrating the gospel in everyday life
  • Modeling serious discipleship for new believers
  • Turning everyday Christians into carriers of the gospel
  • Setting a pattern of everyday Christians leading and planting churches

A train needs two rails; without both, it crashes. Tentmaking is the other rail of missions. The world needs 1000s more tentmakers. And God is summoning them. God has called Global Opportunities (GO) to equip and send tentmakers, many to the hardest, least-reached peoples on earth. And you are an crucial part of His calling—the provision for His vision!

Every gift you give is greatly appreciated, but also consider recurring, monthly giving. Monthly electronic giving greatly empowers us in our work. It sets us free to focus on ministry versus fundraising. So, how about becoming a Sustaining GO Partner by giving monthly? Click a link below to enter the secure donations/payments page. Enter donation/payment details, designation, and payment method including ACH transfer from US bank accounts.

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