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GO Equipped! Tentmaking Course
Hattingen, Germany


Hosted by Global Opportunities, Tent, Velberter Mission (official organizer), Liebe in Aktion, APCM, Pentecostal European Mission.


Four days that can revolutionize your life

Christ can use you with your profession right now, right where you are and also overseas. Stories of tentmakers prove this. They have had great impact for Christ and so can you with preparation. Glob-al Opportunities’ GO Equipped! course equips you to become effective.

While some tentmakers are effective, many are not. Get the major keys to effectiveness—integrating work and witness and relational ministry skills which fit real life—keys we’ve learned from the experience of 100s of tentmakers.

GO Equipped! equips you for now and the future, for here and for overseas whether as a student, a professional or a businessperson. Lean how to integrate faith into all of life. Relieve the tension be-tween work time and ministry time, between secular and sacred.

Receive intensely practical and thoroughly Biblical training. Hear real life stories showing how tent-making works and how God can use you.

It’s not just textbook, it’s real life. I was really impressed by the practical teaching and the stories. The teaching is applicable to our daily lives not just for our time abroad.                                                        —from multiple attendees

Learn relational ministry skills which work at work. Learn to share Christ naturally and non-invasively to arouse spiritual interest. Then answer questions co-workers want answered. Learn to lead dis-covery-type Bible studies to investigate Jesus further in the original record.

Rediscover the power of simple hospitality. Learn how to enter people’s cultural world—how to tran-sition from culture shock to enjoying and bonding with the people.

Gain confidence sharing your story, explaining the gospel, guiding people to Jesus, discipling them, mentoring them as they bring others to Christ and lead Bible studies, and developing leaders of simple churches.

GO Equipped! can revolutionize you whole life and ministry both for overseas and for here at home.

We regret we can not send invitations for visa purposes.

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More Course Response

This course…has given me so many ideas on how I can integrate my faith better.    —December 2013

You teach us to share Jesus as it is a normal part of life, integrate it into your everyday life. We know this is how it should be done, but you have modeled it for us.         —Norway 2013

I really want to share my story now that I feel equipped to do so. There has always been a desire to share my faith, but have not been good at it. The course is so practical and I see so many new ways to be more intentional with my faith.    —Norway, 2013

The tools and materials you provide seem so natural and logical and flowing.           —December 2013

This course is relevant for all believers!             —Norway, 2013

Enjoyed the practical teaching, so much of the teaching in churches which is not.     Sweden, 2013

I had so much struggle in sharing my faith with people, I have not had the courage to do this. Sharing your story really encouraged me to do this. I have no more fear in doing this since I now know where to start.                                  —Norway, 2013

This course has given us direction and how to proceed and continue to learn.      I have also learned that I can be a tentmaker now, here at home.          —Norway, 2012

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More content detail

Four days of intensive, high impact training for people interested in tentmaking business as mission. The course is designed for those planning to go as tentmakers, business people and those considering it in the future. Importance of tentmaking today

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  • Biblical basis of tentmaking –
    Integrating work & faith
  • Moving from culture shock to bonding
  • Finding an international job
  • Today’s major tentmaker challenges
  • Sensitive, effective evangelism
  • Leading investigative Bible studies
  • Using the Alpha Course for evangelism
  • Discipling disciples who make disciples
  • Planting reproducing house churches
  • Cultivating strong home church bonds
  • Keys to productive teams
  • Preparing to be effective
  • Practical issues and balance
  • Mission agencies & tentmakers
  • Working in sensitive countries
  • Effective Business as Mission
  • Case Studies

GO/TENT has trained tentmakers from 58 countries who have gone to 91 countries

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